Here Successful Anti-Aging Needs A Few Hard Choices

Every day with have choices to make which can take us where we want to go or in the other direction.

1. Sleep in or go for a walk.

2. Go to sleep, or keep watching those screens.

3. Have a green smoothie for a muffin

4. Smile at a stranger or ignore them.

5. Take some time to relax or work yourself to exhaustion.

6. Eat a quality meal or chow down at the buffet.

The list is potentially endless but there is something interesting about hard choices.

  1. Hard choices are about as hard as we decide they are.
  2. Hard choices disappear instantly we make the choice then they are just the thing we are doing.
  3. The more anti-aging choices we make the easier they become, until soon we create a healthy life style which doesn’t require hard choices.

Anti-aging is not about expensive creams, sure they help, it is estimated you can influence the health of your skin about 20% with some skin preparations.

But the real battle is fought internally and the core elements are not expensive or fancy or made in a laboratory.

Minimize sugar and all refined carbohydrates, including rice pasta and potatoes, avoid all omega 6 oils and spreads, avoid questionable saturated fat products such as sausages, deli meats, and junk food burgers and unknown foods such as chicken nuggets.

Include nuts, seeds, omega 3 foods such as salmon, coloured vegetables, lean protein, sweet potatoes, olive oil, avocados, olives, sardines, eggs, butter and berries.

So many of your choices will be around food. Eating at home is easier because if you don’t buy the aging foods then you can’t eat them.

But traveling and dining out will require some thought.

If you eat away from home you will certainly need to be organised, but if only occasionally then a few dietary indiscretions won’t matter.

An anti-aging movement programme is vital. This doesn’t mean slamming your body in the gym or running marathons. What you need is daily activity. Regular walking, cardio like Zumba, and a heavier weight workout once a week.

A few supplements include omega 3 oils, magnesium, B vitamins, multi mineral, CoQ10 and Turmeric.

Maintaining a mindset of being young, energetic and active is vital. Ignore the media portrayal of older people, and avoid the language of being older and find activities, which include younger people, act young, be young! Don’t forget that groaning to get out of a chair doesn’t make it any easier.